Hello :)

Well, here it is. After days of trying, failing, and trying again, I’ve finally finished creating my author page and blog site. If you’ve made it to this point during the early (and I’m sure flawed) stages of this site, you’re probably a friend or family member. But just in case, this link should explain a little about who I am.

On the home page, there’s mostly info about my debut novel The Vanquished, and if you follow the links through the shop it’ll take you to an excerpt where you can read the first seven chapters. 🙂

Yes, there is a shop on my site, and it’s filled with things I made for myself to help advertise and create my brand. (I even have a cute toddler shirt coming for Serena, but that’s not going to be listed because it’s personalized.) However, I realized many of these items were interesting enough that I should offer them for sale to my readers. The prices are steep, I know. Unfortunately, the base price for each item starts at two dollars, on average, below my asking price. Add that to Paypal’s cut, which is a percentage of the entire price, and you’ll see that I’m not really profiting from the sales. However, if a customer purchases and wears the clothing or uses the cell phone case, that equals exposure for my book. This is why the shop exists. 

This blog was created with the intent to gain more exposure for my book and to help other indie authors gain exposure. From time to time, I’ll review a newly released book on my blog. I’ll probably review other things, as well. But, it will likely stick to the general topic of my life as a writer, mom, and wine enthusiast. If this interests you, hit the follow button below or enter your email to subscribe. You can also like my author page on Facebook by clicking the link below. Thanks for reading. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hello :)

  1. Hello,

    I checked out the blurb of your book and love it. From the blurb it seems that yours is a high quality book. In case you are interested in book promotions, book reviews, author interviews, kindle downloads, etc., please email me at fatlossplrryo2e AT gmail.com for samples and screenshots of my past work.

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